Who's Coming

Texas State Championships

Some games may begin the evening of Friday, May 24th.

All teams must be prepared to play on Monday, May 27th.

Each team must pay a $150 gate fee before their first game. We encourage you to pay your gate fee online before the event.

CLICK HERE to pay the gate fee

Division Games Currently Scheduled At* Division Games Currently Scheduled At*
8u D2 McInnish Park | Oak Grove 12u D1 Bolin Park | Oak Grove
9u D2 Oak Grove 12u D2 Wagon Wheel | McInnish Park
9u D3 Oak Grove 13u D1 Breckinridge Park | McInnish Park | Wagon Wheel | Rail Road Park
10u D1 Wagon Wheel 13u D2 Rail Road Park | Enfield Park | Breckinridge Park | McInnish Park
10u D2 Wagon Wheel 14u D1 Oak Grove | Breckinridge Park | McInnish Park | Rail Road Park
11u D1 McInnish Park 14u D2 High Point | Rail Road Park | Breckinridge Park
11u D2 Ford Park 14u D3 Rail Road Park
11u D3 Oak Grove    

*Subject to Change