Event Dates:  7/27/2018 7/30/2018

USA;California -- South San Diego

Contact: John Casale
Call or Text: 970-672-0583
Email: john@triplecrownsports.com

Please make checks out to:
Triple Crown Sports

Please mail checks to:
Triple Crown Sports
3930 Automation Way 
Fort Collins, CO 80525


Age CutOff: 

Entry Deadline: 7/5/2018

Event Format

    5 game guarantee. Pool and Bracket play. The final number of teams in each division of play, will determine if a DI & a DII Championship bracket is offered. 


    The tournament schedule will be posted under Schedules/Results tab on the left hand side of this page. 

    2018  Divisions of Play

    the roster is built with athletes that exhibit advanced basketball intellect, athleticism and skills.  The athletes understand the management of the game and are prepared to execute the team’s system of play with mastery given the situation. The roster will typically have a minimum of 2 separators.  (A separator is a player that raises the level of play of their teammates; they exhibit superior basketball skills, intellect and athleticism)    (17U & 16U) Teams may apply or be invited.
    Prime- the roster is built with athletes that exhibit general athleticism, experienced basketball skills earned through rigorous competitive play.  The athletes have a willingness to learn and prepare to compete, however are maturing in their consistency to understand, communicate and execute the management of the game.   (17U & 16U)

    D- the roster is built with athletes that exhibit basic basketball skills and maturing athleticism.  The athletes are in search of continued competitive experiences to develop their individual skills set, their knowledge and their ability to execute proper game management.  (14U only)
    • -14U eligibility- grad year of 2022 or later and/or can be no older than 14 on August 31 of 2018.
    • -16U eligibility- grad year of 2020 or later and/or can be no older than 16 on August 31 of 2018.
    • -17U eligibility- grad year of 2018 or later and/or can be no older than 18 on August 31 of 2018.

Pricing Information

    Team Discounts
    Any Club/Team with 3 or more entries into any one event will receive a $25 discount for each of those teams. Teams that have 4 or more entries will receive a $50 discount for each team. To receive the discount the entries must be paid at one time and no later then 10 days prior to the deadline. Please contact John Casale about the discount offer: john@triplecrownsports.com

    NO COOLERS ARE ALLOWED in the Town and Country Convention rooms. The coolers are a safety hazard. 

    This event is a `REQUIRED STAY TO PLAY` format. No third party bookings are permitted (Hotels.com, Hotel Planner, Expedia, etc.). Our hotel partners are listed in the lodging tab in the upper left corner of this webpage. They will continue to be updated as information because available. Five game guarantee. See the lodging tab for hotel information. Click the `Document` tab above for NCAA and BBCS requirements.

    The Town & Country charges for parking. It is $3 for hotel guests per day, and $10 for non-hotel guests each day. That is discounted from their normal rate of $19 per day.

    Admission to Triple Crown Western Championship games is $10 daily for adults; $5 for kids ages 13-17 and for senior citizens; and free for kids 12 and under. A tournament pass can be purchased for $40 and $20 respectively.



    Plaques will be awarded to division champions and runner-up , T-shirts will be awarded to division champions and runners up.

Equipment Required


    This information below may change for  2018

    Games will be live statcast, more information will be available at the start of the new year.

    NCAA Information for Coaches, Players & Parents

    Coaches, the NCAA requires all individuals who want their team to participate in any NCAA certified viewing event to have their coaches licensed through the (NEW) USA Basketball Gold License Click Here and team registered through the (NEW) BBCS website Click Here BEFORE participating in the event.

    Make sure all of your coaches have a USA Basketball Gold License to be NCAA-certified.  Click Here If you do not have a USA Basketball Gold License you will not be able to submit a team roster, opt into an event or be on the team's bench. This is the team coach’s responsibility to make certain everyone who coaches has a Gold License and proper NCAA credentials.  This approval process can take as long as 2 weeks depending on when you choose to start the process, additionally there is a cost that is time sensitive.

    • Once you have your Gold License the NCAA requires you to then register your team and complete your team roster and opt into any events on the (NEW) BBCS website Click Here.  Please Do Not Wait to complete this process. This is YOUR responsibility to be in compliance and also ensure that your players receive proper exposure to the college coaches that are in attendance at the event.  As in the past the NEW BBCS expects coaches to keep their online rosters updated. The same address and telephone number cannot be utilized for multiple athletes. Each player and coach must have ALL information asked for on the roster completed or player will not be allowed to participate.

    Here you can find the link to the ECAG User Manual Click Here. This will guide coaches and athletes on steps to use the (NEW) BBCS Click Here as well as show guidelines and legislation.

    • On Pages 26-29 of the ECAG User Manual are instructions for the required Gold License for any adult planning to coach and be on the bench.
    • On Pages 30-37 of the ECAG User Manual are the instructions for every prospective student athlete to build a profile/account and manage invitations as required by the NCAA to be allowed to participate in an NCAA-certified event.
    • On Pages 38-42 of the ECAG User Manual are instructions for adults to build a profile/account and to accept invitations to be on the bench to coach as required by the NCAA to be allowed to participate in an NCAA-certified event.
    • On pages 45-55 of the ECAG User Manual are instructions for coaches to build their team/bench to complete their roster as well as violations and compliance.

    Team Rosters on the BBCS should be completed and accurate by June 30, 2018

    Players who want to play DI or DII College Basketball need to make sure to register with the NCAA Eligibility Center by the start of your sophomore year CLICK HERE!

    TCS Information for Coaches, Players & Parents

    TCS Roster/Insurance Waivers –
    1) Coaches, please remember to complete your team's digital roster/insurance waiver on the Triple Crown Sports website. This must be completed online as it is no longer an option to turn in a physical signed paper waiver.  DO NOT CONFUSE THIS WITH THE BBCS. The BBCS roster is required by the NCAA for certified events. This roster/insurance waiver is required for TCS events. You submit your roster/insurance waiver on this Triple Crown Sports event website by: -Logging into your Triple Crown Sports account and input your player information: name, birth date, parent/guardian  
    name and emails.
    2) Parents/guardian log into their account and digitally sign their team’s roster/insurance waiver online through their Triple Crown Sports account.
    For more directions on how to complete the TCS Roster/Waiver SEE THE VIDEO LINKS AT TOP OF THE PAGE. 

    -Real-time results will be posted on this Triple Crown Sports website after each game of the tournament. 
    -You can sign up for Pocket Updates for results and upcoming schedules. On the left-hand side of this page, click on Schedule/Results. Then click on Pocket Updates to sign up.


Gametimes Available

    Game time will be available not later than 7 days prior to the first day of play, 5pm MST

Event History

    This will be the 15th year of the Western Championships!  A great destination to finish off your competitive season!  The San Diego area offers great weather and a destination with plenty of activities to enjoy when you are not playing.  Last year the event drew over 90 teams with teams from all over the west and as far east as MA attneding.  We are looking forward to another strong event.

    2017 Champions
    17U Elite DI Champions-
    Wiggins Waves 17U
    17U Elite DII Champions- Bay Area Storm Showcase
    17U Prime DI Champions- DC Queens El Paso
    17U Elite DII Champions- Seattle Transition Black
    15U Elite DI Champions- Eastern Washington Elite Swarm
    15U Elite DII Champions- Monarchs Red
    15U Prime DI Champions- Titans
    15U Prime DI Champions- Prime 21
    13-D Champions- NorCal Academy

    2016 Champions
    Power Pool 1-Spokane Stars Blue
    Power Pool 2- Mass frenzy Black
    Power Pool 3-Xpress Shon
    Power Pool 4-Spokane Stars Navy

Refund Policy

    Refund Policy: Refund requests made prior to June 21, 2019 will receive a full refund minus an administrative fee of 10%. Refund requests made on June 19 or later will not be eligible for a refund.  Any withdrawals from an event whether a refund is issued or not must be completed by email by the head coach of the team withdrawing.


    1. Unless noted prior to the event, National Federation High School Rules will be used with the following variations. Triple Crown reserves the right to enforce particular invitational tournament rules.
      1. Game/Tourney Rules – for the 2018event season
        2) NO player may play on more than one Team in any of our events, period.  (See playing time NCAA Rule below.)
        3) NCAA Playing time rule:    
            -Prospective student-athletes may participate in no more than five games over a rolling two-day period and in
            -no more than three games on any one day.
        4) Current year (2018) high school graduates may play in our events provided they have not committed in writing to play at any NCAA DI member
      •       institution.
        5) EVERY PLAYER who participates in an NCAA Certified event MUST complete a profile on the new BBCS.
        6) EVERY team coach MUST have a VALID NCAA/USA Gold License.  The ONLY verification will be the
            official NCAA Coaches Approval website.  Sorry No Exceptions Allowed.
            Each approved coach must WEAR the proper Tourney Identification at all times during the event. NO EXCEPTIONS!
        7) Clock operators and score keepers are furnished for each game by the Tournament, teams will not have to provide either.

      • 8) GAME RULES:
        •       a) Home Team is listed first and must wear light jersey.
        •       b) Maximum of 5-minute pre-game warm-up period if previous game runs late.
        •       c) Any team not prepared to play there game within 10 minutes of the scheduled game time will forfeit.
        •       d) Four 8 minute stop clock quarters (1 minute between quarters).
        •       e) 5-minute half time.
                    There is a 30-second shot clock, reset when shot comes off rim.
                f) No 10-second backcourt rule
                g) At any point that the shot clock does not work the game will resume without a shot clock and a 10-second back
                    court call will be implemented.
                h) Over and back will BE ENFORCED. 
                i) Free throw rebounding begins “on the RELEASE”
                j) Team fouls
                    1 & 1 Bonus starts at 7
                    Double Bonus starts at 10
                         *Accept in cases of team control
                k) Players will be allowed six personal fouls.
                l) On Technical fouls, two points will be awarded without shooting the free throws and possession of the ball.
                m) 2 time outs (both 30’s) per half.  Time outs unused in the first half cannot be carried over to the 2nd half. Timeouts
                   unused in the second half can be carried into OT.
                n) Overtimes are 2 minutes, stop-clock with one additional time out each, including a sudden death period.
                o) After 2-OT’s a sudden death period will start with the first team to score becoming the winner.
                p) “Mercy rule” is in effect in the second half.  Once a team has a lead of 25 points or more the clock will run
                     continuously with the exception of timeouts and injuries. If score gets back to less than a 12 point differential the
                     clock reverts back to stop clock for the remainder of the game.
          9) No jewelry shall be worn. This is a National High School rule and is for the safety of all individuals.
          10) Coaches are responsible for parental conduct and sportsmanship.

Event Format


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    Please check here at the Itinerary for additional events update with regards to schedules and activities. 

    Currently under the forms section above on this page you can find the necessary information required by the NCAA BBCS for your team, coaches and players to be eligible to participate in NCAA certified events.

Weather Update

Contracted College Coaches

    Coaches that Attended in 2017:
    Arizona State-Angie Nelp, Carlotta Kloppenburg
    Biola University (CA)-Grace Ricafranca
    Boise State-Heather Sower
    Cal Baptist-Emily Ravenscraft
    Cal Poly-Mackenzie Argens, Kelsey Byrd, Faith Mimnaugh
    Cal Poly Pomona-Julia Smith, Danelle Bishop
    Cal State Eastbay-Britinee Yasukochi
    Cal State Fullerton-Casandra Renno
    Cal State Lutheran University-Lindsay Samanlego
    Cal State Northridge-Ashlee Guay
    Cal Tech-Bridgette Reyes
    Concordia-Irvine-Nicole Ballestero
    Concordia University (OR)-Sean Kelly
    CSU San Marcos-Renee Jimenez
    Dominican University-Phynique Allen
    Eastern Washington University-Wendy Schuller/Bryce Currie
    Emerson College (MA) -Bill Gould
    Feather River College (CA)-Brent Stephens
    Fresno Pacific-Doug Carter/James Steven
    Fresno State-Bobby Ratterree
    Gardner-Webb (NC)-Ralph Patin
    George Fox University-Michael Meek
    Gonzaga University-Lisa Fortier
    Grand Canyon University-Brad Langston
    Grossmont College (CA)-Karen Caires, Brionna Baker
    Hawaii Pacific University-Reid Takatsuka
    Holy Names University (CA)-Jennifer Judge 
    Hope International University(CA)-Beck Flanagan, Samantha Doucette
    Humboldt State Univ. (CA)-Megan Hankins-Maldonado
    Lewis & Clark (OR)-Kristina Williams
    Linfield College (OR)-Casey Bunn-Wilson, Quincey Gibson
    Lower Columbia College (WA)-Chad Meadors
    Loyola Marymount Univ.-Charity Elliott, Chris Elliott, Nia Jackson
    Menlo College (CA)-Shannon Spataro
    Midland College-Ron Jones
    Montana State University-Kati Burrows
    Montana Tech-Carly Sanon, D'shara Strange
    Muhlenberg College (PA)-Ronald Rohn
    New Mexico State Univ.-Ryan McAdams
    Northern Arizona University-Kellee Barney
    Northwest Nazarene University (ID)-Elpidia Allen
    Notre Dame De Namur-Emily Schaefer
    Occidental College-Amanda Mills
    Oregon State University-Brian Holsinger
    Pierce College (WA)-Ariassa Wilson
    Portland State Univ.-Lynn Kennedy, Amy Denson
    Puget Sound (WA)-Casey Kushiyama
    Regis(MA)-Angela Santa Fe
    Sacramento State-Bunky Harkleroad
    San Diego Christian-Shawn Chaffi
    San Diego State University-Jesse Clark
    Saint Mary's University(CA)-Allyson Fasnacht
    Santa Clara University-Taelor Karr
    Seattle Pacific University-Julie Heisey
    Southern Vermont College-Christen Gowan
    Stanford University-Lindy La Rocque
    UC Riverside-Fabrice Sene
    UC Davis-Joe Teramoto/Matt Klemin
    UC San Diego-Heidi Van Derveer
    UC Santa Barbara-Alex Dellanion
    University of California Irvine-Jualeah Woods
    University of Hawaii-Darron Larsen
    University of Idaho-Jon Newlee, Christa Sanford, Jeri Jacobson
    University of Montana-Shannon Schweyen, Jordan Sullivan
    University of Oregon-Jodie Berry
    Univesity of Pacific-Amanda Brown
    University of Portland-Cheryl Sorenson
    University of Providence-Bill Himmelberg, Crystal Smith
    University of Puget Sound-Casey Kushiyama
    University of Redlands-Rich Murphy
    University of San Diego-Mery Andrade
    University of Washington-Derek Wynn/Michelle Augustavo
    Utah State-Kelsie Kruger
    U.S. Coast Guard Academy-Jessica Farley
    U.S. Merchant Marine Academy-Alexa Shields
    Utah State-Kelsie Kruger
    Washington State University-Rod Jensen
    Weber State-Matt Thune
    Western Washington-Stacey Turrell
    Whitman College-Chris Ferenz/Michelle Ferenz
    Whittier College (CA)-Roy Dow
    William Jessup Univ.(CA)-Kurt Westendorp