Event Dates:  7/11/2019 7/14/2018

USA;Illinois Orland Park

Scott Cameron

Age CutOff: 12/31/2018

Entry Deadline: 6/26/2018

Event Format

    Five game guarantee, pool into bracket. 

Pricing Information

    Triple Crown offers a 'pencil in' feature to gauge interest in events for planning purposes however this feature will not guarantee a spot in the event.  Your team will not be entered into the event until all fees have been received and the team is listed under PAID TEAMS. 


    Team and Individual Awards

Equipment Required

    Balls will be provided.  All participants/coaches must be listed on the online electronic roster with correct spelling and birth date.  All coaches must sign the electronic liability waiver.  All players must have the electronic waiver signed by a parent or guardian.  Snacks, drinks, uniform, playing equipment and a great attitude ready to have fun!

Gametimes Available

    6/28/2018 at www.triplecrownsports.com under SCHEDULE/ RESULTS for the Chicago Midwest Championships.

    Special Start Requests: Before entering a tournament, make sure your team has no other conflicts on listed tournament dates. Triple Crown can not accommodate any special game time requests.  Teams need to be prepared to play at *8:00am* on the FIRST DAY of the tournament.

    Tournament Scheduling: Teams may be required to play 3 or more games in a day to accommodate the overall number of teams in the tournament.  Multiple games back to back, travel between complexes or longer wait times between games are usual and customary.

Event History

    Continuing the rich tradition of Triple Crown Sports Nationals, we are proud to bring you year two of the Chicago Midwest championships!  TCS Nationals traditionally bring together the strongest rosters in the region and we look forward to joining you in Chicago for all the city has to offer AND to crown our 2018 Midwest Champions!

Refund Policy


    No refund/transfer will be provided after the entry deadline. A 20% administrative fee will be charged for withdrawal thru the entry deadline June 27th, 2018.  Alternatively, teams have 30 days from withdrawal to transfer funds to another Triple Crown event being held within one calendar year without application of the administrative fee.


    There is a chance this tournament could be canceled due to inclement weather.  If the event is canceled prior to the start of the event, a 20% administrative fee will be retained to cover fixed costs or a transfer as previously detailed will be offered.

    If the event starts and you play 0 games, TCS will retain 20% of your entry fee to cover administration costs; if you play one game TCS will refund 50% and 2 games or more, no refund will be provided.



    Triple Crown Girls Fastpitch tournaments are non-sanctioned events, but are played using ASA rules and umpire mechanics with additional Triple Crown specialty rules.

    All rule interpretations will be interpreted using the spirit or intent of the rule as written by the governing body or TCS specialty rule. 

    Any coach or player ejected from a game will be required to sit out the next game unless otherwise notified by the Tournament Director.  Tournament Director will be the final arbiter on all ejections and suspensions.

    No alcohol or tobacco products allowed on field or complex.


    Pool games are bat your line up, free substitution but must keep line up integrity at all times.

    Bracket games must use the following Triple Crown line up options only:

    Option 1: Straight nine- Those nine can play any position on defense without reporting to the umpire. Those nine can NOT change order in the batting line-up even though they may be playing different positions each inning.

    Option 2: Use of the DP/Flex- 10 players are listed on the line-up, but only 9 bat. The DP can bat for any player that you designate prior to the start of the game. That player is designated as the Flex and should be listed in the 10th spot on the line-up card. Any of the 10 players can play on defense.

    Option 3: Use of the EH/EP- This gives you the option to bat 10 players and any 9 can play defense. This player can be placed anywhere in the line-up.

    Option 4: Use of the DP/Flex and the EP/EH- This allows you to have 11 players in the game. You hit 10 and designate 1 player as the Flex.


    A coin flip will determine the home team, with the exception of double elimination championship games. The winners bracket undefeated team will have choice of home or visitor in these games.  All IF NECESSARY games will be coin flipped.

    Pool games may end in a tie, bracket games must have a winner.  ITB will be used after seven innings and in all innings beginning after the time limit has expired.

    All games will use a 12/10/8 run rule after 3/4/5 innings run rule.

    Game times 1:40 finish the inning for all games.   Pool games may end in a tie while bracket games will require a winner.  ITB will be used to determine a winner.

    Game time is forfeit time.  Any exceptions will be ruled on by the tournament director.

    Triple Crown will use the following modification to the courtesy runner rule.  If a team is out of legal substitutes the team may use the last out to courtesy run for the catcher only in an effort to 'speed up' the game.

    No protests are permitted for this event. 

    Any player who has played on a college roster (JUCO, NAIA, NCAA) or has completed college coursework after high school, is NOT eligible to play in this event.

    Triple Crown Bracket Seeding Rules

    Two-Way tie (Same Pool): 1. Win/Loss Record, 2. Head to Heat, 3. Total Run Differential, 4. Least Runs Allowed, 5. Most Runs Scored  6. Coin Flip.

    Three-Way tie (Same Pool): 1. Total Run Differential, 2. Least Runs Allowed, 3. Most Runs Scored, 4. Coin Flip.

    IMPORTANT: 1. Maximum Run Spread per game is 7, regardless of score, 2. Forfeits will be scored 7-0.

Event Format


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