Event Dates:  7/18/2018 7/29/2018

USA;Virginia Richmond/Henrico County

Additional contact: Mike Magaro
Call or Text: 970-672-0506
Email: Mike@triplecrownsports.com

Additional contact:  
Call or Text:  

Age CutOff: 

Entry Deadline: 7/6/2018

Event Format

    Five-Game Guarantee: Pool play games and a single elimination tournament.

Pricing Information

    Entry fee includes:

    1. 5-Game Minimum
    2. A Competitive College Exposure National Tournament
    3. College Exposure Clinics - (Position Player Preview workouts) - See Special Events for more information
    4. Nightly Speakers - See Special Events for more information
    5. 1 Dozen Baden Baseballs 

    Richmond Marriott Short Pump is the headquarter hotel for USBC in 2018!

    Colleges Committed to attending:

    *College coaches will be in attendance for pool play games in both divisions. The attendance of coaches during bracket play is not guaranteed. Coaches listed will attend either the Upperclass or the Underclass division, not necessarily both. 

    Event Dates and Player Eligibility:
    Upperclass (17u & 18u): July 18th - July 23rd
    Underclass (16u): July 24th - July 29th

    Upperclass: 2018 and 2019 HS Graduates or born on/after May 1, 1999
    Underclass: 2020 HS Graduate or born on/after May 1, 2001


    Championship Bracket:

    1st Place: Team Trophy, 17 Individual Awards and Champ T's
    2nd Place: Team Trophy and 17 Individual Awards
    3rd Place: Team Trophy and 17 Individual Awards


Equipment Required

    Completed Triple Crown Roster turned in with copies of your team birth certificates at check-in. 1 dozen baseballs are provided to each team, extras can be pre-ordered or purchased on site. Provide two new and two used baseballs per game.

Gametimes Available

    Friday, July 13th, after 7 pm ET.

Event History

    The Triple Crown U.S. Baseball Championships enters its eighth year in Richmond/Henrico County, VA, and has established itself as one of the premier college showcase events in the country for 16U, 17U, and 18U teams. The event offers excellent playing facilities, strong competition, and college recruiting opportunities for players looking to compete at the next level. This is a must-attend event for any 16U, 17U, or 18U team looking to  compete against teams from across the country in a college exposure environment, and play on first-class facilities such as the University of Richmond, Randolph Macon College, and RF&P Stadium.

    “ Hosting a Triple Crown event brought amazing exposure to our campus while allowing our coaching staff to stay home and watch over 500 players play games on our field. Well organized, well run and something we would definitely like to do in the future.” -Randolph Macon College, Head Coach Ray Hedrick

    The 2017 U.S. Baseball Championships featured over some of the best organization in the country from different 12 states. USBC has averaged over 40 college coaches and professional scouts in attendance the past two years and continues to grow!

    The City of Richmond and Henrico County are the proud hosts of the U.S. Baseball Championships. Richmond/Henrico County is steeped in U.S. history and is the perfect backdrop for a National Championship of this caliber. Located less than a day’s drive from half of the country’s population and with three major airports less than an hour away, whether you’re driving or flying Richmond/Henrico County is easy to get to. The area also offers first-class lodging, countless dining options, and a plethora of off-the-field activities including: whitewater rafting, amusement parks (Kings Dominion), minor league baseball (Flying Squirrels) shopping, etc. The USBC is geographically protected and will sell out in both age groups. A limited number of spots will be offered per division, don't wait to enter!

    Past Champions

    16u - Goose Creek Diamondbacks (Goose Creek, SC)
    17u - Richmond Braves National (Richmond, VA)
    18u - Boston Astros (Boston, MA)

    16u - Bearcats Baseball (Gilbertsville, PA)
    17u - Virginia Cardinals (Midlothian, VA)
    18u - Team Connecticut Baseball Americas (East Hartford, CT)

    16u - Chester County Crawdads (Wynnewood, PA)
    17u - 643 DP Cougars (Roswell, GA)
    18u - East Cobb Braves (Cartersville, GA)

    16u - Space Coast Nationals - Navy (Melbourne, FL)
    17u - Richmond Braves (Richmond, VA)
    18u - Boston Astros (Boston, MA)

    16u - Team Connecticut Baseball American (CT)
    17u - Virginia Cardinals (VA)
    18u - Virginia Swamp Things (VA)

    16u - Richmond Braves (VA)
    17u - Team Connecticut Baseball American (CT)
    18u - BASE Astros (MA)

    Underclass - Team RPM (OH)
    Upperclass - CT Hurricanes (CT)

    Underclass - Virginia Cardinals (VA)
    Upperclass - CT Capitals (CT)

Refund Policy

    REFUND POLICY: If you call 25 business days before the start date of the event a refund minus the 10% administrative fee will be given. If you call 15 to 24 business days before the tournament start date, 50 percent of your fee will be returned. If you call 14 or fewer business days before the tournament start date, no refund will be given. WEATHER CANCELLATIONS: Please be aware that 20% of the entry fee will be kept to cover administrative costs if the tournament is canceled due to weather or other "Acts of God". Teams that play one game will receive a 50% refund, and teams that play two or more games will not receive a refund.


    Unless noted prior to the event, National Federation High School Rules will be used with the following notations. Triple Crown reserves the right to enforce particular invitational tournament rules. Franchisees may offer rule variations.

    1. Age Requirement: Graduation Year will be the determining factor for both divisions.
    2. Rosters: May not exceed 25 players during the tournament.
    3. Protest Fee: $100 cash (on rule interpretation only).
    4. Game Time: Starting time is forfeit time, unless delay is created by Triple Crown. Game time starts at completion of coin toss OR pre-game meeting.
    5. Home Team: Determined by coin flip in pool play games and by higher seed in playoff games. Home team is required to keep the official book.
    6. Player Minimum: A team must start with a minimum of 9 players but can finish with less, taking outs in the vacant batting order positions.
    7. Semi-Final & Championship Games: No time limit and no """"Tie Breakers"""" Run rules still in effect.
    8. Pitching Rules (Innings per Tournament): the amount of innings a pitcher can pitch through 4 played games. Upperclass: 8 innings Underclass: 8 innings *Scorecards must be signed by both team managers to eliminate inning validation problems. (Managers, please help with this process.) *One additional inning per pitcher for every game played after 4 games. At the start of the 5th played game = 1 additional inning, 6th=1 more inning, 7th=1 more inning, etc... *Forfeited games do not count as a "game played" as no pitching was needed to secure a victory. *No limit on the number of appearances. *One pitch will be considered an inning pitched. *Eight warm-ups to start, five thereafter. *If pitching rules are violated and the infraction is detected, the situation will be reviewed and a MINIMUM of the head coach ejection will be enforced. Additional consequences may include the player ejection from game, player and head coach from the tournament, forfeiture of game and elimination of team from the event. These actions will be determined based upon how this infraction affected the game.
    9. Infield Warm-Ups: All teams are encouraged to warm-up as much as possible before game time. No pre-game infield.
    10. Baseballs: Teams must provide all game balls. Estimated two new balls per game. (Rawlings baseballs only)
    11. Bat Restrictions are as Follows: -3 weight/length ratio only. All bats must be stamped BBCOR. Wood bats are OK, must not be composite. Barrel must be made of wood. Bat rules apply to the age division you are playing in (not the age of the player or team). Penalties for illegal bats will be assessed as per the NFHS rule book.
    12. Uniforms: Numbers mandatory, matching uniforms recommended.
    13. Adverse Weather: The Triple Crown Baseball Tournament will be played in adverse weather conditions. The format may be changed to lesser time limits or fewer innings to complete the tournament. Coaches and players accept these conditions when entering the tournament.
    14. Decisions: Tournament Director shall have final decision on all tournament questions.
    15. Hotels/Motels/Condos: Teams that leave unpaid bills or damages will be removed from the tournament and reported to their respective leagues and may be banned from participating in future Triple Crown events.
    16. Refund Policy: There will be a 10% administration fee charged for complete rain outs; 1 game played = 50% of entry fee; 2 or more games played = no refund.
    17. Tie-Breaker System (for playoff games): If a game is tied after all innings have been completed (regardless of time remaining) the """"California"""" tie-breaker rule will go into effect. Each team puts the batter who is scheduled to bat last in that respective half of the inning on second base and plays out a full inning. This happens until the tie is broken and the game is complete.
    18. No Show: Teams that no-show will forfeit their entry fee and may be subject to suspension from competition in Triple Crown events for the following season.
    19. All age groups can have an EH (Extra Hitter) if they choose to bat 10. You can also utilize a DH in addition to the EH. Think of the Extra Hitter as an Extra Player. He can play defensively as long as he stays in the same batting order. Free defensive rotation in your batting lineup. Neither division may not use the """"Bat the Roster"""" option.
    20. All age groups can have an EP (Extra Player) if they choose to bat 10. You can also utilize a DH in addition to the EP. Teams 12u and younger have the OPTION to 'Bat the Roster'. You must bat every player on the Roster and if you finish the game with less players you take outs in the vacant positions. Free defensive rotation in all ages. In the case of the Courtesy Runners you must have a legal substitute to run for the pitcher and catcher. However an allowance for the catcher only will allow the last batter out to run for the catcher. 13u and higher may not use the 'Bat the Roster' option.
    21. All teams must be in compliance with tournament lodging policy or jeopardize not being bracketed into the tournament. Policy can be found on the main tournament webpage at the suitcase icon link.
    22. **New in 2018** Pool Play games may end in a tie. Games will be complete based on the completion of 7 innings or time limit, which ever comes first.
    23. All teams MUST check in prior to play and MUST have ONE TEAM REPRESENTATIVE at the managers meeting. Teams not having a representative at the managers meeting forfeit their right to coin flip and choice of home or away for the first pool game. ****TRIPLE CROWN WILL PLAY THESE DIMENSIONS AND RUN RULES**** 16's, 17s, 18's**60'6""""pitching**90""""bases**2 hrs **7 innings** 15 runs after 4 innings, 10 runs after 5, 8 runs after 6. 16's, 17s, 18's Semi-Final & Championship games No Time Limit, No Tie-Breaker, however run rules are still in effect.

Event Format

    College Exposure Clinics (Position Player Preview Workouts)

    1. Opportunity for position players to showcase prior to pool play games.

    2. Team invite is FREE with entry fee.

    2. Every team will have a time slot to showcase position players in front of college coaches. (Example: Team Infield/Outfield, BP, 60 yard dash)

    3. Players, coaches, and parents will have access to all college coaches in attendance.

    4. Guaranteed college coaches in attendance.

    Where: Virginia Sports Complex. 


Weather Update

Contracted College Coaches

    Below is a list of colleges coaches that have were in attendence in 2017 - this list is constantly evolving, check in regularly for the most up to date list for 2018!
    Please note that each year we have a number of college coaches and the occasional professional scout attend without an official agreement - they may not be included on this list prior to the event.

    2017 Coaches in attendence:

    Roanoke College
    Lincoln University
    North Carolina A&T
    Juniata College
    Maryville College
    Lafayette University
    Averett University
    Nichols College
    Cairn University
    Albertus College
    Post University
    Canisius College
    Arcadia University
    Shepherd College
    Mercyhurst University
    Marietta College
    Marymount College
    Clarkston University
    Gettysburg College
    Eastern Mennonite University
    Randolph-Macon College
    Curry College
    Mount St. Vincent


    Roanoke College
    George Mason University
    Virginia Tech
    Lincoln University
    Averett University
    Shepherd University
    Hampton-Sydney College
    Post University
    Canisius College
    Arcadia University
    Marymount College
    LaSalle University
    Coppin State University
    University of Maryland Eastern Shore
    VMI – Virginia Military Institute
    North Carolina Central
    Longwood University
    Sienna College
    Norfolk State University
    Curry College
    Randolph-Macon College
    William & Mary University
    University of Richmond
    University of Pittsburgh
    Shippensburg University