Who's Coming

7 INNING SERIES - Triple Crown Summer Invitational Co-Hosted by Firecrackers Brashear

2022 Who's Coming List

Paid teams are marked with an *.

18U Division Approved Teams - 16 teams max (Will play Friday and Saturday only) 

1            Athletics Mercado/Ornelas

2            Batbusters Gomes Black *

3            Batbusters Stith *

4            Batbusters-Fullerton *

5            Dirtdogs 18 Gold *

6            Firecrackers Brashear

7            Firecrackers Brashear/Hicks 18u *

8            Firecrackers Brashear/Smith

9            OC Batbusters Lara *

10         OC Batbusters Stith - Maroon *

11         Rogue FC Kaye *

Penciled List:   

1              Breakers Labs 18U

2              SORCERER RICKS

*16U Divison - 16 teams max (Will play Saturday and Sunday only)

1              5 Star PlayMakers Siofele / Mulipola 16U *

2              Athletics Mercado Walker

3              Breakers Labs Carter 16u *

4              BSC Bengals Briggs 16u *

5              Corona Angles Slye 16U

6              FC Brashear

7              FC Brashear RB

8              FC Brashear/Smith

9              Firecrackers Brashear/Hicks 16u *

10           LTG - Henderson/Lively *

11           OC Batbusters Lara/Portesi 16u *

12           Rogue FC Kaye 16U *

13           So Cal Choppers Fausett 16u *


14U Division - 16 teams max (Will play Saturday and Sunday only)

1              Corona Angels Perez 2026

2              Corona Angels Tyson

3              Firecrackers Brashear/Hicks 14u *

4              NorCal Choppers Harrison/Stone *

5              OC Batbusters Stith*

6              So Cal Choppers - Fasuett 13U *

7              So Cal Choppers Fausett 14u *

Penciled List:   

1            Breakers Labs Esparza

2            Firecrackers- Redmond 14u

3            Sorcerer Davis/Ricks

12U Division - 16 teams max (Will play Saturday and Sunday only)

1              Breakers Labs - Keusch *

Penciled List: 

1            Corona Angels Gutierrez/Valdez

2            CT Kraken 2010

3            Firecrackers Brashear CKM

4            Firecrackers Brashear Hicks 09

5            Firecrackers Brashear-Annett

6            OC Batbusters Stith-Juarez 2010

Paid Teams:
Breakers Labs - Keusch Vista, CA
So Cal Choppers Ashley 12U moorpark, CA
Penciled Teams:
Corona Angels Gutierrez/Valdez Montebello , CA
CT Kraken 2010 Rancho Mission Viejo, CA
Firecrackers Brashear CKM La Habra, CA
Firecrackers Brashear Hicks 09 San Diego, CA
Firecrackers Brashear-Annett Eastvale, CA
OC Batbusters Stith-Juarez 2010 La puente, CA
Paid Teams:
Corona Angels McCullough Fontana, CA
Firecrackers Brashear/Hicks 14u Ontario, CA
NorCal Choppers Harrison/Stone Manteca, CA
OC Batbusters Stith Anaheim, CA
So Cal Choppers - Fasuett 13U Valencia, CA
So Cal Choppers Ashley 14U moorpark, CA
So Cal Choppers Fausett 14u Valencia, CA
Penciled Teams:
Breakers Labs Esparza San Marcos , CA
Breakers Labs Guzman Premier Escondido, CA
Firecrackers- Redmond 14u Chino Hills , CA
OC Batbusters GT Chino, CA
Sorcerer Davis/Ricks madera, CA
Warrior Academy Jimenez San Mateo, CA
Paid Teams:
5 Star PlayMakers Siofele / Mulipola 16U Garden Grove, CA
Athletics-Mercado/Carroll Murrietta, CA
Breakers Labs Carter 16u Vista, CA
BSC Bengals Briggs 16u Chino, CA
Firecrackers Brashear/Hicks 16u Ontario, CA
LTG - Henderson/Lively Elk Grove, CA
OC Batbusters Lara/Portesi 16u La Puente, CA
Rogue FC Kaye 16U Glendale, AZ
So Cal Choppers Fausett 16u Valencia, CA
Penciled Teams:
No penciled teams at this time
Paid Teams:
Batbusters Gomes Black Lodi, CA
Batbusters Stith Anaheim, CA
Batbusters-Fullerton Trabuco Canyon, CA
Dirtdogs 18 Gold Fresno, CA
Firecrackers Brashear/Hicks 18u Ontario, CA
OC Batbusters Lara La Puente, CA
OC Batbusters Stith - Maroon Chino Hills, CA
Rogue FC Kaye Glendale, AZ
Penciled Teams:
Breakers Labs 18U OCEANSIDE, CA