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Slow Pitch Softball
Slow Pitch Softball

It is with our utmost respect, dignity, and honor for the game of slow pitch softball, that after 26 years of serving America with the best we had to offer in tournament play, the corporate office of Triple Crown Sports announces that we will no longer be running adult slow pitch softball tournaments as a portion of our core business.

The decision to remove ourselves from competitive adult slow pitch softball (beginning in 2009), did not come easy for key management at Triple Crown Sports. Our overall business is stronger than ever and includes a diverse mixture of premium, "must attend" events in the sports of women's college basketball, men's college basketball, youth girl's basketball, youth baseball, girl's fastpitch softball, and adult slow pitch softball. Our corporate mission statement calls for us to create and develop premium, "must attend" events in each of the above mentioned sports, while taking care to meet and exceed the customers’ expectations as we create and develop these events.

For 26 years, we dedicated key resources of our company towards meeting and exceeding the slow pitch customer's expectations in competitive slow pitch tournament softball. We provided tournament series' in over 30 states, NIT's all over the country, National tournaments, World Series tournaments, tournaments in Mexico, Canada, and Europe. We've taken care of all classifications in the game, including all levels of men's, women's and coed tournament teams, including competitions at the "senior" level. We adjusted, adapted, and implemented rules as the game evolved to compensate for technology that changed the face of the game. We ran All Star games, skills competitions, fashion shows, fireworks shows, concerts, banquets and countless other "spins" to our premium, "must attend" events. We built relationships, partnerships and friendships with host cities, sponsors, teams, officials, and facilities all over the country. In retrospect, we would not change a thing. However, change is inevitable as market demographics come into play and product cycles run their course. Change is not a bad thing, but the changes taking place in the world of slow pitch softball are no longer in line with the Triple Crown corporate mission statement and strategic plan. Again, as a corporation, we provide premium, "must attend" events that are run professionally, predictably, and consistently. Our customer can always count on historic date, destination location, and then special quality in each of the slow pitch events that Triple Crown provides. This is our motto; this is what we stand for in today's marketplace. For this, we charge a premium price, and for this, the customer can expect professionalism, predictability, and consistency in the Triple Crown brand.

In recent years, the slow pitch market has changed. Again, change is inevitable. The changes that have occurred involve market forces that are out of our control, and out of your control. Demographics show a diminishing population of competitive slow pitch players. The once booming industry involved players that now have to make choices between playing slow pitch on a weekend, and watching their kids play ball. The obvious, and the right choice, is to watch their kids play ball. The economy shows that the average American has less discretionary income to spend on recreation. The job market is more demanding and competitive than ever and "time off for softball" is not as easy to come by as in past years. The bat technology is hotter than ever. There seems to be no end in site as to the creation of a "weapon" out there on the field versus the creation of a piece of equipment that allows the defensive beauty of the game to be played out when highly skilled players line up against one another. All of these changes added up to a well thought out decision by Triple Crown Sports to leave the game of competitive slow pitch softball. The year 2008 marked our final effort at bringing you the premium, "must attend" slow pitch events that you had come to expect and appreciate (and that you deserved) over the years and was our "Farewell Tour".

We understand that our decision has significantly impacted many of you, and we assure you that our decision is also significantly impacting many of our staff who have dedicated a lifetime of time, energy, and passion to the game. However, we preferred to leave the game with pride in what we'd built and executed throughout the years, and we preferred to leave on our own terms, as a high end provider of premium product to a market that absolutely deserved the best.

With our heartfelt best regards to you and your team and our deepest appreciation for your years of support,

Patty Harsch, David King, and the entire staff at Triple Crown Sports

NOTE: You will still notice various slow pitch softball events listed on our Triple Crown web site. Triple Crown Sports is dedicated to providing community goodwill where applicable and will be assisting various organizations with resources to fund raise and/or memorialize through charitable events.

For more information, please email Patty Harsch  or contact at 970-223-6644 (x158).

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