Girls Fastpitch

Colorado Sparkler

Westminster--Hyland Hills, Colorado
June 27-July 3, 2011

Special Events


In 2005, the Triple Crown Sparkler tournament launched the Sparkler College Exposure Showcase Games with great success. In 2009 we had over 2000 players participate. These games are played each evening during the tournament Monday-Friday. These Showcase games were selected based on graduating class and regions. We will continue the Showcase All-Star games in 2011. Each evening the Christopher Complex will be gated for General Admission. All players, and up to four coaches per team will be admitted free of charge to the evenings festivities. Along with Showcase All-Star games we will have food vendors, fast pitch product vendors, and special activities. In 2010 we had Michele Smith and Angela Tincher sign autographs for fans at the Showcase Games. For more information please visit the 2011 Showcase website at: Nominations will open upon team acceptance for the 2011 Showcase All-Star games. You will recieve more information on the format and entry process upon acceptance for the Colorado Sparkler Tournament.

**COLLEGE COACHES: Send an e-mail to
and indicate that you will be attending the Sparkler and a confirmation letter will be sent to you. Packet will be prepared when you check-in at Chrsitopher Complex with your name, etc. To register to attend the NFCA Camp June 28 go to

For More Information

Contact: Stephanie Klaviter
Call or Text: 970-672-0531